Meandering In a Not So New Direction

It is difficult for me not to over schedule.  

The fear of missing out, the desire for community, and for deep roots will kick in and before I know it the days and weeks are overfull with good things.  Yet, I will be dreading the month before it even starts.  

To combat this tendency, this year I have sought, often unsuccessfully, to leave days empty– not allowing anything to be scheduled.  My hope is that is gives me, our family, time to experience seasonal rhythms, as well as time to really rest, something which is also not easy for me, as I have recently recognized that I slip into tying my worth to how much I can measurably do.  How does one undo that pattern other than learning to sit with an outwardly quieter pace of life?

While I meander in this not so new direction, it has led to not so new work –thoughts and feelings that I have wrestled with that are finally starting to solidify.  I am grateful to Racheal for sharing it on her blog a few weeks ago!    

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