Eyes unfocused.



drift back to the surface.

How can you go days without seeing?  Really seeing those people in front of you?  The fog lifts in a flash and suddenly you realized you haven’t been here, but you are now.  

Meandering In a Not So New Direction

It is difficult for me not to over schedule.  

The fear of missing out, the desire for community, and for deep roots will kick in and before I know it the days and weeks are overfull with good things.  Yet, I will be dreading the month before it even starts.  

To combat this tendency, this year I have sought, often unsuccessfully, to leave days empty– not allowing anything to be scheduled.  My hope is that is gives me, our family, time to experience seasonal rhythms, as well as time to really rest, something which is also not easy for me, as I have recently recognized that I slip into tying my worth to how much I can measurably do.  How does one undo that pattern other than learning to sit with an outwardly quieter pace of life?

While I meander in this not so new direction, it has led to not so new work –thoughts and feelings that I have wrestled with that are finally starting to solidify.  I am grateful to Racheal for sharing it on her blog a few weeks ago!    

Picking Satsumas in New Orleans

                                            Our friends lived next door to a satsuma tree.  

                                          That one tree brought joy on Saturday mornings. 

                                                                   Up and down the ladder, children climbed.  

                                                                                                                              Stretching.  Grasping.  Tossing.

It was an embarrassment of riches by the time they were done.

                                                                   Then on to the kumquats.

My thanks to David Carol and Ashly Stohl for including this on the Curated Fridge this spring.  

NO / JXN– Barristers Gallery in New Orleans

My heartfelt thanks to Doyle Gertjejansen for the time and effort he put into curating NO/JXN at Barrister’s Gallery in New Orleans.  

It was amazing to be included in an exhibit with some of my favorite Mississippi artists– Allan Innman, Charles Carraway, Ellen Rodgers, Twiggy, Dan Piersol, Ke Francis!  Plus, I really enjoyed showing some different work– overlapping double exposures.  

A Portrait of a Boy and Girl (two left in the edition)

A Late Afternoon Walk

Jack Boot Road

Perkins Street, Toccopola, MS

Summer in the Baby Pool

Each image is 33x17 inches.  An edition of five.  If you are interested in purchasing one, email me and I will send you more information.

Doyle, Allan, Ellen, and I

Ke Francis

Charles Carraway painting

Here is a review from New Orleans Art Insider about the show.

The exhibit ran from January 12, 2019 through February 2nd.


RUNES at the Fischer Galleries

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since Ellen Rodgers and I had a duel exhibit at the Fischer Galleries in Jackson, Mississippi!  

A year earlier, in 2016, I had written down some five year goals/dreams–a gallery exhibit was at the top. Yet, it was something that I hardly dared to think about much.  Then I met some people, like Will JacksJamie Aelavanthera, and Rebekah Flake, who encouraged me to share work I was making.  In preparation for a portfolio review, I took photographs by to Marcy, which led, to my surprise, to Runes exhibiting in January 2017.  

I am still overwhelmed with gratitude whenever I think about that show and the people who purchased our work. My thanks to all of you!  

Roadside Jesus Exhibit– Louisville, Kentucky

Michael Howard writes, “this project deals with signs across America that speak of the Bible, God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, and other American Christian themes. Not only are the messages on the signs intriguing, but their construction and the intention behind them provokes questions.”  

The South is littered with Biblical imagery.  As these roadside signs often get my mind churning, I am please that several images are included in this exhibit.

The Roadside Jesus exhibit will be up October 7th through November 28th, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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